Minimalistic Consumption by Inheritance

Much has been made about the death of retail and the "Amazon Effect." We mention it quite a bit in our awesome kick-a$$ weekly PETITION newsletters (which you can subscribe to here). But we are also on record as calling the Amazon narrative lazy. After all, there's a reason why resale apps are among the highest downloaded apps in the Itunes app store. We've noted this before: millennials have no problem buying, reselling, buying, and reselling. I mean, sh*t, we're now seeing commercials for OfferUp on television. We've noted the rise of Poshmark and other apps here and here. Perhaps there's more here than meets the eye.

Baby boomers are retiring in droves now and, along with retirement (and creaky knees), comes downsizing. Many are moving into retirement communities and ditching the two-story suburbian house they filled with decades worth of nonsense. As pointed out recently by the New York Times, millennials don't want a lot of their parents' hand-me-downs. So a lot of it is going to Goodwill

We expect this trend will continue for the short-term. That said, 90s clothing is back again and so it's only a matter of time before 60s and 70s vintage returns too. When that happens, those dumbass kids will regret turning away their parent's wares.