What is Petition?

How do we choose what we write about?

At Petition, we aim to fundamentally achieve three things with our weekly newsletter and website:

  1. Cut through the noise by curating the news. 
  2. Highlight new trends with real disruptive potential. 
  3. Democratize information.

We have a simple curation model. Talk about interesting stuff. We're just two emails a week that contains the following sections:*

  • Feature. This top section will cover (i) interesting restructuring trends, (ii) unique data impacting the industry, or (iii) new technological developments that could disrupt incumbent companies and/or industries.
  • News of the Week. You're busy. And there is news everywhere. We analyze relevant news stories and case filings and choose a handful (generally 7-10 subjects) to explore. We think this is a hugely valuable part of our service.
  • Chart(s) of the Week. Sometimes we don't even like the snark in our tone. So a picture can be worth a thousand words - whether it addresses the decline of brick-and-mortar retail or the rise of renewable energy. 
  • Case Filings. What? Why? And Who? Simple. And no more fishing for free dockets: each case name links directly to whatever internet resource provides free and ready access. 
  • Pros Say. Turns out, the restructuring community puts out a lot of material about a lot of different subjects. Find the good ones all in one place. If a case summary or marketing piece adds little value, we don't mention it. 
  • Notice and Congratulations. We tell you who goes where and we also let you know when someone is celebrating a milestone/honor/promotion. 
  • Upcoming Events. The one's we know about and think are interesting in one place. 
  • Opportunities. It is too frikken hard to reach quality candidates. If you want your opportunity to land directly in the email inbox of well-qualified solid candidates, email us at and let's connect. Nobody looks at LinkedIn and headhunters have no clue what they're doing. We have a targeted list of restructuring pros: no need for readers to filter through a ton of other noise. 
  • On the Market. Do you really want the trajectory of your career to depend on the arbitrariness of a headhunter calling you? HELL NO! We'll anonymize your background and put you out there. So email us for details: HR directors are here looking for you.   

We will always toy around with other new sections but the above forms the core of what we'll do. 

We encourage any questions or comments regarding our curation policy. Please get in touch with us at

Updated 2/11/18.