New Chapter 22 Filing - SEGA Biofuels LLC

SEGA Biofuels LLC


SEGA Biofuels LLC, an industrial wood pellet manufacturer and distributor with a Georgia-based facility filed for bankruptcy to pursue a sale. This is the second bankruptcy in the last 5 years. In this instance, the debtor has been sitting on an idled plant since 2016, having marketed the asset on two separate occasions to no avail. In fact, the bankruptcies of other wood pellet manufacturers in Louisiana and Texas during the company's marketing process didn't help with the marketing. (Notably, Rentech Inc., another wood pellet manufacturer, filed for bankruptcy in December). 

Now, though, the company proposes to sell to Global Infrastructure Partners, an affiliate of the company's pre-petition secured lender and (now) DIP lender, GIP Genesis LLC, for the equivalent of a few dollars and some spitwads. Or, said another way, $4.2mm in the form of a combined credit bid + cash offer, cure amounts and some assumed liabilities. 

Really the only reason why we're even covering this filing is because it reflects the continued decimation of the wood pellet space. 

  • Jurisdiction: S.D. of Georgia
  • Capital Structure: $9.658 mm in 4 term loans (Heritage Bank), $26.6mm debt (GIP Genesis LLC)  
  • Company Professionals:
    • Legal: Chipman Brown Cicero & Cole LLP (William Chipman Jr., Mark Olivere) & (local) Seyfarth Shaw LLP (John Mills III)
    • Financial Advisor/CRO: CRS Capstone Partners LLC (James Calandra)
    • Claims Agent: Garden City Group LLC (*click on company name above for free docket access)
    • Other Parties in Interest:
      • Buyer: Global Infrastructure Partners
        • Legal: Greenberg Traurig LLP (Matthew Hinker)