- Janice C. Probst, PHD in "Prisoner's Dilemma: The Importance of Negative Results"

- Janice C. Probst, PHD in "Prisoner's Dilemma: The Importance of Negative Results"


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Some recent newsletters include:

  1. 🍟Casual Dining is a Hot Mess🍟(Members’-only)

  2. 👎Nobody Wants a David's Bridal Dress👎 

  3. ✌🏾Peace Out Nine West✌🏾(Members’-only)

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Some of the firms that have become Founding Member Groups of PETITION include Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP, AlixPartners LLC, SierraConstellation Partners and Gavin/Solmonese.

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Why do professionals from these and many other shops become Members? They use our insights to, among other things, be more conversant in the market, source business, impress potential mates in bars (you know it’s true), and develop advisory strategies. So, basically, our Members are taking mental PEDs and you're not. Pro tip: you might want to level the playing field by joining.

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