Unicorns 2.0 (Scooping Up Retail)

Hudson's Bay & WeWork Say "Let's Make a Deal"

Hudson's Bay Co. ($HBC) was a real newsmaker this week. The company sold its Lord & Taylor NYC location to WeWork for $850mm. It also got a (convertible preferred) equity infusion of $500mm through a joint venture between WeWork and the Rhone Group. Which means that Softbank basically owns a piece of Fifth Avenue now. Regulate THAT misdirection/obfuscation. Anyway, HBC will use the proceeds to pay down its $1.6b of debt and, presumably, pretty itself up for a potential take-private transaction. For sure, the future is uncertain. P.S. This re: WeWork (firewall). Bankruptcy Judge ABC: "And so, Banker XYZ, on what valuation basis is the company's plan of reorganization viable and feasible?" Banker: "Our valuation and size today are more based on our energy and spirituality than it is on a multiple of revenue." Judge ABC: "Come again? Bankruptcy plan confirmation denied!" Going forward, whenever we have a typo or a busted link we hope you'll only judge us on our energy and spirituality.