Sports (Long Geeks, Short Jocks): NFL Down. E-sports Up.

Final Revenge of the Nerds

Ex-Irma, NFL ratings appear to continue their downward trend. This is disconcerting if you're the NFL, Disney/ESPN, and other media outlets (including recent streamers who've paid a boatload to stream NFL games). We've seen sports teams in need of restructuring (the Texas Rangers come to mind as do certain hockey franchises) but never whole leagues. Back up the truck you say? You're right. The NFL isn't going anywhere. But consider this: the NFL benefits in many respects from a seasonal (American) sports monopoly. Baseball doesn't compete outside the first third of the season. Nobody gives a damn about the NBA from October-March. Esports, however, are season agnostic. And the nerds can't seem to get enough of it. VCs (including NBA stars) are investing, leagues are forming, and nerds are watching. Like, a lot. This is an under-stated threat to a game where a bunch of meatheads bash each over 11 minutes of actual action interspersed between 100 minutes of commercials.