Recruiting (Short Perks That Will Disappear As Soon As Downturn Hits)

New Startups Target Millennials

We previously snarked about the ridiculousness of private equity recruiting. Rather than just make fun of the problem, we figured we'd offer some constructive suggestions. First, we note that Bravely, a New York-based startup recently raised $1.5mm in seed funding; it provides a platform that connects employees with expert communication and conflict coaches for off-the-record b*tch-sessions. Some VP busting your chops about a misplaced comma in the latest-and-greatest all-nighter-induced pitchbook? See Bravely. Some Partner just throw you under the bus while on a call with the client? See Bravely. If this is anything less than the equivalent of the shrink in Billions telling young professionals how "alpha" they are and how much value they provide to their respective firms, then fire up the "Busted Tech" column: it'll be there soon. And if that doesn't entice you to join the PE/investment-bank/biglaw ranks, maybe this will. After all, who WOULDN'T want to sleep where they work? Basically everyone other than millennials, it seems. We guess this explains WeLive.