Maybe Hartford Ought to Rip the Bandaid Off

Tech Will Present Even More Problems Later

Everyone focuses on the disruptive force of technology but, sometimes, the most disruptive maelstrom is human nature. And nothing brings out the worst in human nature like politics. And political dogma often results in bad decision-making and fiscal irresponsibility. And all of that has already happened. Like before driverless cards dominate streets and drones deliver packages. Parking meter and parking lot revenue will decline and budgets will be challenged. Local legislators will have no idea what hit em. To confront this imminent and somewhat-scary future, maybe the best course for municipalities is to shun alleged stigma and rewrite the script. Like by getting rid of legacy liabilities and having a clean slate. Apropos, some think that bankruptcy is the best course for Hartford to move forward. It may be the only way it's ready for the next onslaught.