Busted Tech: Early Call on Bodega

If your head was buried in the sand (or you don’t have a Twitter account), you may have missed the coverage of - and subsequent and violent objection over - a new startup called BodegaThis is the piece that started the whole debate. And subsequently “disrupted” our twitter feed with lots of people vehemently opposed to the cultural appropriation of the concept/term/business by a couple of nerdy ex-Googlers awash with Silicon Valley greenback. Turns out that maybe they shouldn't have been so cavalier about displacing the neighborhood egg-and-cheese maker. We mean: people were REALLY mad. People APPARENTLY really LOVE paying $3.50 for a bag of M&Ms and $36 for a pack of cigarettes; they REALLY love paying for Amazon Prime but - cough - like, never using it to purchase goods that they could -- cough, cough -- get at a bodega. Spare us. Here are the founder’s words. Anyway, no flaws to see here. Just a lot of defensive responses like this. If sometimes in the future we're writing a bit about some incumbent being massively disrupted by Bodega we may tar and feather ourselves.