Funded E-Commerce & New Brick-And-Mortar II (TheRealReal)

We don't get this at all.TheRealReal, a company that sells authenticated high-end resale items (mostly for women) just got $50mm in funding from some private equity firm we've never heard of, Great Hill Partners. So, clearly we're just morons because this makes ZERO sense to us - particularly since the "company has pushed out the time by which it will turn profitable". Still, the numbers must be kick-a$$ to justify a $??mm valuation at $173mm in total funding. Now the company is going "clicks-to-bricks" and plans to open a brick-and-mortar store in New York and otherwise expand its physical footprint (read: popups). So who wins? Millennial women who want discounted high-end stuff (who wouldn't be caught dead in Goodwill...womp womp) and landlords looking to fill vacant space. Of which there are a lot.