Amazon vs. Walmart (Regular Entry)

Screw it. We've been desperately trying to avoid mention of Amazon but it's simply impossible. This week Amazon ($AMZN) launched its Kohl's ($KSS) takeover...uh, partnership...pursuant to which consumers can buy Amazon products at Kohl's locations and return Amazon shipments for processing. In other words, Kohl's has become a return center for Amazon. Nothing to see here. Meanwhile, Amazon took over a few floors above the Macy's ($M) location in Seattle. Nothing symbolic about that whatsoever. Amazon has also partnered with large apartment landlords to install lockers inside large buildings. That's one way to dominate the "last mile." And people were in an uproar about that (dumbass) startup Bodega? Imagine this: "Hey Alexa, order me some toilet paper please." Within ten minutes your apartment building doorman calls you and says you have a package. How can that be? Well, just so happens the Amazon Locker in your apartment building has a stockpile of toilet paper laying in wait. Mark it: we're headed in that direction. And nobody seems to realize it. Bezos is laughing at the Bodega founders right now as he surreptitiously dominates local small business. If he has time to laugh while simultaneously wrecking fashion, that is.