Private Equity Track Record

Back in October, Garden Fresh Restaurants* filed for bankruptcy. In January, The Limited Stores* filed and ultimately sold for a pittance to Sycamore Partners. Soon, if the rumors are true, Gordman's will file. What do all of these companies have in common? Sun Capital Partners. Gordman's would be the third Sun Capital portfolio company bankruptcy in five months - which doesn't really enhance the image of private equity firms now, does it? Thousands of jobs are now gone (a typical and increasingly earned PE trope), but Sun Capital has gotten its dividends and fed its LPs. Did Sun generate returns for its LPs? Looks that way. But we're not sure a track record of multiple liquidations is what Sun was hoping for. 

UPDATE: Shortly after publishing this, Gordmans Stores Inc. did, in fact, file for bankruptcy. You can find the case summary for it here

* click on company names for case rosters