New Filing - Gracious Home LLC

Gracious Home LLC

  • 12/15/16 Recap: New York based consumer products retailer of home furnishings (i.e., china, glassware, metalware, and all kinds of other things that millennials scoff at buying) files for bankruptcy to salvage what's left of its liquidating business after failing to renegotiate with its lender and landlords. This is its second bankruptcy filing in 6 years.
  • Jurisdiction: S.D. of New York 
  • Debt: $6.5mm secured debt (Signature Bank)
  • Company Professionals:
    • Legal: Trenk DiPasquale Della Fera Sodono (Joseph DiPasquale, Irena Goldstein)
    • Financial Advisor: B. Riley & Co. (Perry Mandarino, Adam Rosen, Daniel Golynskiy)
    • Claims Agent: Prime Clerk LLC (*click on company name for docket)
    • Other Parties in Interest:
      • Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors:
        • Legal: Seward & Kissel LLP (John Ashmead, Robert Gayda, Catherine LoTempio, Michael Tenenhaus) 
        • Financial Advisor: Wyse Advisors LLC (Michael Wyse)
      • Gracious Home Lending LLC
        • Legal: Arent Fox LLP (Robert Hirsh)

Updated 5/12/17