New Chapter 11 Bankruptcy - A'GACI LLC


  • 1/9/17 Recap: Texas-based fast-fashion retailer of women's apparel and accessories filed for bankruptcy because, well, retail retail retail. Happy New Year, everyone! The company's "target demographic is confident women who are comfortable with their appearance and enjoy showcasing their look." Hmmm. From that description, we would have expected graphics of models that aren't just a size 0 (see below), but we digress. The 76-store company specializes in clearance pricing discounts to ship merchandise quickly and innovate with the trends; it did $136.2mm of gross sales in the fiscal period ended 11/25. 9.4% of that was e-commerce. The company blames its bankruptcy filing on (i) "unsuccessful brick and mortar expansion efforts," (ii) the move to online shopping, (iii) difficulty with merchandising and inventory management, and (iv) weather. On that last point, 24 stores were at least temporarily closed due to hurricanes in '17 (in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, with two stores in PR still closed), resulting in a $7.2mm EBITDA hit for the year. The company pursued a number of operational initiatives pre-petition including rent-concession negotiations with landlords. The landlords apparently wouldn't play ball. Now twelve of them will see their leases rejected: the company has already vacated the premises effective 1/8. And a liquidation agent has been hired. In total, "at least 49 underperforming brick and mortar store locations" may be closed.  Contemporaneously with the lease review and liquidation process, the company will attempt a refinancing or sale of the company while enjoying the "breathing spell" afforded by bankruptcy. The company intends to use cash collateral to finance the case.    
  • Jurisdiction: W.D. of Texas 
  • Capital Structure: $10mm '18 RCF (JPMorgan Chase Bank NA), $4.265mm TL (Bank of America NA)     
  • Company Professionals:
    • Legal: Haynes and Boone LLP (Ian Peck, David Staab)
    • Financial Advisor: Berkeley Research Group LLC
    • Investment Banker: SSG Advisors LLC 
    • Real Estate Agent: A&G Realty Partners LLC
    • Liquidation Agent: Gordon Brothers Retail Partners LLC
    • Claims Agent: KCC (*click on company name above for free docket access)
  • Other Parties in Interest:
Source: First Day Declaration

Source: First Day Declaration