What the Pros Say (Cov-Lite Loans, Obamacare, Media, Self-Driving Cars)

Cov-Lite Loans. Lots of focus on this subject lately. Here, Mark Laber and John Yozzo of FTI Consulting Inc. discuss the recent trend

Healthcare/Obamacare. Does anyone understand what the eff is going onHere, courtesy of Bryan Cave LLP's Mark Duedall, Leah Fiorenza McNeill and Jacob Johnson, is a brief summary about what this week's (strange) turn of events may mean for those in the restructuring space. 

Impairment. Mark Broude and Jeffrey Mispagel from Latham & Watkins LLPdiscuss the recent Ultra Petroleum Corp. decision and the resultant circuit split emanating therefrom.

Media Company Disruption. This was an interesting piece by Ben Thompson - using Harvey Weinstein as context - about how traditional media companies have been disintermediated

Self-Driving CarsThe Brookings Institution released a report about investment in the new technology.

What the Pros Say (Amazon, Canada, Distressed Banks, Retail)

AmazonFTI Consulting's Christa Hart and Khaled Haram ask whether the retail behemoth is invincible.

Canada & Oil/Gas Remediation. Michael Nowina and Glenn Gibson of Baker McKenzie write about a significant (and somewhat perplexing) decision about who bears the costs of remediation of abandoned oil and gas wells.

Distressed Banks. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York Staff weighs in on how to treat them. 

RetailIn this ABI podcast (audio, obvi), Bradford Sandler of Pachulski Stang Ziehl & Jones LLP and Amir Agam of FTI Consulting discuss recent trends in the retail space.