What the Pros Say (Cov-Lite Loans, Obamacare, Media, Self-Driving Cars)

Cov-Lite Loans. Lots of focus on this subject lately. Here, Mark Laber and John Yozzo of FTI Consulting Inc. discuss the recent trend

Healthcare/Obamacare. Does anyone understand what the eff is going onHere, courtesy of Bryan Cave LLP's Mark Duedall, Leah Fiorenza McNeill and Jacob Johnson, is a brief summary about what this week's (strange) turn of events may mean for those in the restructuring space. 

Impairment. Mark Broude and Jeffrey Mispagel from Latham & Watkins LLPdiscuss the recent Ultra Petroleum Corp. decision and the resultant circuit split emanating therefrom.

Media Company Disruption. This was an interesting piece by Ben Thompson - using Harvey Weinstein as context - about how traditional media companies have been disintermediated

Self-Driving CarsThe Brookings Institution released a report about investment in the new technology.