Music Disruption (Short the Rock Star)

What do Paul McCartney, U2, the Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton Have in Common?

Music Disruption (Short the Rock Star). Many of you probably went to see Paul McCartney this week (jealous). The guy is 8394 years old and still touring. Why? Probably because there's no money in the music business other than touring. That might also explain why U2 - a classic Hall of Fame band that literally has to GIVE its album away - keeps touring (and ANOTHER tour is on the horizon). Rolling Stones? Check. Eric Clapton? Check. Meanwhile, Spotify is looking to circumvent an IPO, Tidal is looking for a buyer (while Kanye and Jay-Z sue each other), and Soundcloud needed a bailout. All of which is to say that Liam Gallagher is 100% right here - except the streamers are also making "nish" (amusing video). Which begs the question: is anyone winning in music today? Taylor Swift?