Mary Meeker's Internet Trends. This is Real Disruption, Summarized

We may have to dedicate more time to this at a later point but for anyone who has some time to kill, we HIGHLY recommend this lauded report by Kleiner Perkins' Mary Meeker. The short version: smartphone growth is flat-lining as is internet growth (in the US, India on the other hand has only 27% internet penetration); 20% of mobile inquiries are via voice now - a mind blowing number (per Google); 25% of Americans own a wearable and 60% of consumers are willing to share their health data (with GoogleMicrosoft, Samsung and Apple best positioned to take advantage of it); US Net Debt to GDP is 77% as of 2016 and trending towards 105% by 2035 (US record surpassing WWII); household debt is back at peak levels last seen in Q3 2008 with student loans +144% and auto loans +44%.