Notable (Molycorp, PwC, Sears, Toys R Us, Westinghouse)

MolycorpOaktree Capital Group LLC may attempt to IPO Neo Performance Materials Inc., a remnant of the Molycorp bankruptcy.

PwC Law Firm. Yes, you read that right. PwC is launching a law firm in Washington DC to focus on international corporate restructuring. 

Sears. Is it the blueprint for everything Amazon is doing?

Toys "R" UsThis nine-year old kid has a future in marketing. If Toys doesn't figure out some way to market this, they deserve to liquidate. Meanwhile, Walmart smells blood in the water: with Toys' Babys "R" Us also in bankruptcy and NYC Mom-favorite Giggles closing, Walmart is expanding its private baby line

Westinghouse. Private equity firms are at the gates