Notable (Dodd-Frank, 3D-Printing, Post-Reorg Equity, etc.)

3D PrintingIncreasing evidence of its rise from the CEO of Jabil Circuit Inc. ($JBL) - and not just for prototyping. If this continues to grow, it will have wind-ranging implications for manufacturing.

Alitalia. Apparently it's getting a lot of interest.

Credit Cards. Chargeoffs are on the rise. This helps explain, to some degree, why consumer spending is coming in below expectations.

Dodd-FrankPeace out. We would love some investigative reporter to do a story on the hundreds of millions of dollars that were proffered to big law firms to draft "living wills" that not one person...ever thought were based in reality to begin with. That said, not to get political but haven't we seen this deregulation movie before? 

Post-Reorg equityBrookfield Asset Management has a hedge fund ($300mm seeded, unclear of size now) that is chomping at the bit for post-reorg equity. We're curious to know which ones they think are attractive as several have flat-lined without having a large institutional sponsor underlying the stock. Peabody Energy($BTU), Midstates Petroleum ($MPO), Basic Energy ($BAS), Goodrich Petroleum Corporation ($GDP) and Sandridge Energy Inc ($SD) come to mind.

Radio Shack. Interested in some esoteric home furnishings? Well, interestingly, the carcass of Radio Shack remains up for auction and you can get a piece of it for your crib.

Simon Property Group ($SPG). We've beat these guys up ad nauseum because we don't buy the BS they're feeding us about how healthy they are - despite the noted new "click-to-brick" folks above and the opportunity that may present. This is a reason why. And we expect to see more of this.