Recruiting: More Genius Ideas to Differentiate Your Firm

Go Long Perks

So, if pop-ups are too complicated, you could always go the perk route and, gawdammit, if biglaw and finance ought to derive inspiration from anyone it may as well be the geniuses on Sand Hill Road. Want your car gassed-up while your werk werk werking that conference call like a boss? Well, there's an app for that. Actually, several, and they all share an affinity for bad name-brands, e.g., Booster FuelsInstaFuelWeFuelFilld and our personal favorite, Bankrupt. Ok, just kidding about that last one. But, we're very excited for the inevitable launch of G-uber, Gyft, and AirbnG. Seriously, bros, InstaFuel and WeFuel? Ugh. Choice quote, “'I live and work in Silicon Valley. If there’s an app to deliver something, we’re usually the first ones to jump on it....'" Is there a service that will deliver this dude a gun so he can be put out of his bro-y misery? Elsewhere in perk land, why not convince your Management Committee to beta test Walmart's ($WMT) latest and greatest technology which will deliver needed products directly to your office. Think about it: that time you spend going to the physical Walmart location or local Walgreens could now be put to MUCH better use. Like, you know, billing. To top it off, maybe your firm can offer you the Hello Alfred amenity so that you never have to bother with restocking your home fridge or picking up dry-cleaning. After all, that's time that could be spent doing much more worthwhile sh*t like...billing.