Proctor & Gamble's Consumer Products (Long DNVB Disruption)

Proctor & Gamble Co. ($PG)announced that its Gillette brand will be releasing new razors that, counter to previous new product launches, won't include another blade and a higher price point. Thank G-d. We're old enough to remember when the three-blade razor was a big deal, let alone the 179-blade razors that are in the market today. Clearly PG is yet another example of a large incumbent company suffering from Innovator's Dilemma while hungry nimble startups nip at its heels. Notably, Gillette's sales fell 6% in the current quarter and U.S. sales of razorblades fell 18% YOY in the TTM. Why? Well, we have Harry's and Dollar Shave Club product users here. The big innovation? A new five-blade razor that will cost "roughly the same" as those sold by the aforementioned up-and-comers. Who ship direct-to-consumer. So, hmmm. If the cost is "roughly the same" and one can just show up in my mailbox, why would we even bother with this new product? No wonder Nelson Peltz is up in arms. 

Disintermediation = Bankruptcy

To much fanfare, Brandless launched this week armed with $35mm in fresh Series B funding. It sells household items for a flat $3 which, according to the company, reflects the elimination of a "brand tax." Nice trick. Seems strikingly similar to other stuff we've seen of late whether its Harry's or Warby Parker, aka consumer product goods that have gone after Gillette and Luxottica's hefty "goodwill" margins. And, yet, STILL have massive brands. Dollar Shave Club basically sold purely because it was a "lifestyle brand." So, it'll be interesting to see whether this works. If it does, though, it could mean more pressure on grocers and, perhaps, dollar stores...? Does disintermediation always mean bankruptcy? We'll see. 

Fast Forward: Short Sephora & Lululemon & Whoever Makes Sheets These Days

We're seeing more and more written about Glossier (women's beauty lifestyle brand) and Outdoor Voices (women's athletic gear) and word is that they may both be coming to a mall near you. Meanwhile, Caspar will now follow Harry's razors increased distribution strategy via partnership with Target (though not for mattresses...yet). We highlight this merely to get away from the male-centric (and false) emphasis on Warby Parker and Bonobos being the saviors for everything brick-and-mortar.