Long Sleep, Short Sears?

Because this is Sears Holdings Corp. ($SHLD) and the logo looks crappy and the strip mall photo wildly uninvitingpeople are going to write-off its efforts to create "experiential" specialty stores focused only on appliances and mattresses. Hard not to. These guys can't do anything right. To be clear, though, it's not like the rest of the mattress industry is a no-brainer. How do you decide between Casper,LeesaPurpleSaatvaTuft & Needle, or blah & blah (how much space do we have in this newsletter?). Particularly when they're pulling shenanigans like this (a must read)? Anyway, mattresses are one item that people still want to touch, feel, and test. Given that nobody actually goes to Sears, that might actually be the spot to do just that: smaller likelihood of crowding. Or bedbugs. Go against the grain, we say. 

Add Casper to the Clicks-to-Bricks Trend (Cameo: 50 Cent, Carmelo, Kevin Spacey)

Elsewhere in clicks-to-bricks, Casper, the B2C mattress maker you can't get away from if you listen to podcasts, closed its $170mm Series C funding round with Target Corp. ($TGT) as a lead investor. Notably, 50 Cent is an angel investor. Dude can't avoid bankruptcy but he's got money to invest alongside Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Spacey. Hate the game, we guess.