Notice of Appearance: Jeremy VanEtten, Director at Gavin/Solmonese

This week PETITION welcomes a notice of appearance by Jeremy VanEtten, Director in the New York office of Gavin/Solmonese.

PETITION: What is the best advice you’ve gotten in your career?

Jeremy: Listen before you speak. Many times when people first meet me they think I’m quiet, reserved, and even shy. They couldn’t be more wrong. Early on in my career, I learned it's infinitely more important to understand what the other person is saying before formulating a response -- especially if there's conflict involved. Having a thoughtful response can go a long way towards building mutual understanding.

PETITION: What is the best book you’ve read that’s helped guide your career?

Jeremy: Who Moved my Cheese by Spencer Johnson.  When I’m in a rut, approaching a decision, or seeing change on the horizon, a quick visit with this book greatly helps frame my perspective.  The concepts in this book led to my two career changes including entering the restructuring industry. Understanding that I am solely responsible for my personal and professional success, and that I’m not owed anything from anyone is the key here. Get to a point where no one — or no set of circumstances — can take away your cheese.

PETITION: What is one notable trend you’re seeing in ‘18 that not enough people are talking about?

Jeremy: Deal flow seems to be getting more and more consolidated making it harder for mid-level, thirty-something, restructuring professionals to figure out the best way to land new engagements and cases. Many of us have been told: "Start by doing good work, network, attend industry conferences, volunteer, etc.... and it will all come together." But should those of us under forty rethink this formula? Do we need to finally understand personal branding and how to promote ourselves? Should we be expanding the list of organizations we actively participate in beyond the restructuring community? Do we really understand what the decision makers are looking for? All good questions when our industry is evolving. 

PETITION NOTE: Jeremy is the most “junior” person we’ve had in this NOA section and provides some on-point perspective. Thanks, Jeremy.

Many people are concerned about the dearth of deal flow and the concentration of (the limited) deal flow among a few select power players. Jeremy is correct: nobody owes you anything: you need to go out and make your own opportunities. What can you do — given the realities of the industry today — to win new business? What are realistic assumptions given your platform, your methods, and your teammates? What differentiates you from the rest of the pack? There are plenty of people networking and providing solid service. What other edge do you have? Aside from what your platform provides: what investments are you making in your own career? Who have you gotten in your corner to support you? All good questions.