Investment Banking (Short Lip Service)

This is an interview (audio) Bloomberg did with Ken Moelis, Chairman of investment banking firm, Moelis & Co. ($MO) at Davos. We perked up when Mr. Moelis was asked the following, "Is it possible that a woman will be the next leader of Moelis & Co.?" "Oh, definitely," Mr. Moelis responded.

Possible, sure. Probable? Statistically speaking, no. 

Take a look for yourself: here is the "Senior Leadership Team" of Moelis. We count 9 women out of 156 Managing Directors. For the math-challenged, that's 5.7%. Which makes Moelis a quintessential investment banking dude-fest. "We don't do as good of a job at retaining them through the life cycle of becoming a managing director." Understatement much? If the "entering work somewhere right around 50-50," that is clearly right. The word "good" shouldn't be anywhere in that sentence.