Notable (Amazon, 3D-Printing, International Distress, Nordstrom, Taxis)

AmazonLosing a user experience advantage

3-D Printing. Remember when we said that it could be a game changer and put a lot of companies out of business? Well, adoption is growing so draw your own conclusions (firewall).

International Distress. Looks like Aurelius Capital Management has a fight on its hands in the case of Oi SA

Nordstrom. A take private transaction is nearing.

Taxis. There may not be a more painful user experience than the NYC taxi ride. Cramped old sticky leather seats, the distinct smell of 12-hour old vomit, a loud talkative driver who can't use or doesn't use GPS, that annoying TV Talk nonsense blabbering on and on, and air conditioning that inexplicably seems to spit out heat. But, you still have to feel for these guys, the poster-children for disruption. And now the vultures are circling looking to take advantage of desperation.