Short Restructuring Professionals Who Suck at Marketing $FCN

We get the old adage that all publicity is good publicity. That said, we have to question the prudence of trying to promote your brand in a piece that says that "[r]estructuring advisors are short on work and long on time." Of acknowledging that you're overstaffed. Of stating that you're trying to do anything you can to keep bodies billing. Of noting that investment bankers and financial advisors are crossing over and creating even MORE competition for (the limited amount of) restructuring mandates. So, if we were on a management team and we found, say, FTI Consulting Inc. ($FCN), on the other side of the table pitching us, we'd be waving the above-linked article in the air like a crazed lunatic - all the while negotiating down hourly fees, success fees, tail length, and expense allocations into bargain basement territory. Then, after we get the bill and see body upon body stacked up on the engagement, we'd negotiate the bill down even more - knowing full well the shenanigans that are being pulled. After all, what do you do when you've got bodies on payroll? You "staff" them damn it, that's what. Because 900 people is a lot of mouths to feed. So, thanks for making all of that so bloody obvious, ya'll. Solid move. But PR!! And personal branding!!