Retail: It's All About Merchandise. Peace Out Mickey Drexler (J. Crew)

 J. Crew's Mickey Drexler blames merchandising and, in this case, a retail exec may actually be telling the truth. In a wildly inept kind of way (note: this blurb was in our newsletter that came out yesterday, Sunday, June 5. As of a few minutes ago, Drexler has been binned by the company. Later Mickey). Particularly since the New York Times dumped on the company's CURRENT merchandise right before the holiday weekend which, guessing here, probably turned off some potential customers. So, this ain't a legacy issue...clearly. Meanwhile, we're slowly becoming fan boys of Professor Scott Galloway. If you're unfamiliar with him (like we were until recently), we recommend you listen to this interview here (podcast). He's insightful about technology and we particularly like how he sh*ts on WeWork - a company that makes absolutely zero sense to us from a valuation perspective. Anyway, his piece "Shark Repellent -- Fighting Amazon" is one of the more succinct summaries on what it takes to combat the "Amazon Effect."