Healthcare (Short Predictions, Long Distress)

"What comes next?" we asked back in June. Looks like a lot of professionals are becoming increasingly convinced that '18 will be rife with healthcare activity as distress rises to "epidemic" levels. Hmmm. Okay. We'll see. Distress watchlists in the space DO seem to be expanding with names like HCR ManorcareGenesis Healthcare Corporation ($GEN), Prime Healthcare Services Inc.Signature Healthcare LLC, and Community Health Systems ($CYH), among many others. Meanwhile, to the degree that healthcare providers are suffering from regulatory and other headwinds, management may want to move data security up higher on their list of priorities. After all, 21st Century Oncology Holdings and Morehead Memorial Hospital both serve as examples of what can happen when precautions aren't implemented early. One last note on healthcare distress, looks like biglaw attorneys aren't immune to increased healthcare spending. According to, certain biglaw shops aresurreptitiously passing the cost of rising healthcare coverage costs to their associates. Living the dream.