Bitcoin (Bust Out the Big Guns. Literally.)

What all of the big name investors have said about it. We really liked this befuddling bit from Marc Lasry of Avenue Capital"I should have bought bitcoin when it was $300. I don’t understand it. It might make sense to try to participate in it, but I can’t give you any analysis as to why it makes sense or not. I think it’s real, as it coming into the mainstream." Ok, sure.

Meanwhile, once you start to understand the risks, this whole Bitcoin craze seems even...uh...crazier. Coinbase, for instance, may not be available to manage your transaction. A Board member is saying to proceed with caution (read: people are worried about lawsuits). Good luck with that volatility, then. And, security, apparently, is shockingly old school (must read - click "still too pricey" to view article). Maybe THIS really is the right way to protect your $BTC. W.T.F.

This seems like the most level-headed bit we've seen on BTC this week.