Investment Banking: Restructuring Advisory

We noted herehere and here that the investment banks have generally been reporting solid earnings of late. Restructuring advisory revenues, as far as we can tell from those that line-item the service, have been solid for the first three quarters of '17. Given the relative dearth of deal flow, however, the juicy debtor mandates are few and far between and seem to be increasingly allocated to the small subset of investment banking firms we noted in the links above. Considering this, it's interesting that a boutique investment bank with smaller market share like Millstein & Co. might look to diversify its business. This week, we noted an SEC filing for Mill Point Capital, a debut private equity fund headed up by Millstein & Co. Founder and CEO, Jim Millstein. The new fund will seek to raise $375mm to invest in control and turnaround deals in North American business services and industrial companies.