Mall Shenanigans (Short short-termism) & New York City Retail

The degree of short-termism reflected in this piece is mind-boggling. In a nutshell, anchor tenants like Macy's ($M), JC Penney ($JCP) and Sears ($SHLD) are squeezing landlords over waivers of reciprocal easement agreements (REAs), often holding out for payments. Sure, we understand the basics of contract rights but it strikes us as pennywise-and-pound-foolish to delay any updates to malls on account of...signage? Maybe these guys didn't get the memo that many malls - particularly those with Macy's, JC Penney and Sears as anchor tenants - are under existential siege and everyday that passes without significant and meaningful change is another day closer to the grave. Meanwhile, the New York City retail sitch is looking bloodier and bloodier, with retail tenants seeking massive rent reductions from their landlords. Choice quote from an obstinate landlord, “None of those tenants would agree to pay more rent to me if I asked them to because the market had gone up.”Hahaha, WOW. We guess, uh, he's gotta point??