Fast Forward (Concordia International Corp., Harvey Gulf International Marine, Charming Charlies)

Initiate the countdown to Concordia International Corp's US-based bankruptcy. The Canadian-based pharmaceuticals company announced that it wasn't paying its $26mm interest payment on its unsecured notes and subsequently filed a CBCA proceeding in Canada. In a blow to the "efficient markets" theory, the stock traded down precipitously following the interest payment announcement. How this wasn't "priced in" is beyond us."Dumpster Fire" is right. Meanwhile, in an additional sign that oil and gas distress persists, Harvey Gulf International Marine, an offshore marine transportation provider, is in the midst of trying to figure a balance sheet restructuring. So, healthcare and oil and gas: sounds about right. Meanwhile, Charming Charlie'searned itself an S&P Global Ratings downgradeWalter Investment Management Corporation will be filing a prepackaged bankruptcy case in November. All told, activity seems to be picking up in restructuring circles despite a soaring Dow.