Kudos to Kiehl's for Solid Direct Marketing

One of the team - let's call him Mr. Purple - walked into Kiehl's last week and purchased some fancy skin stuff. At the counter, the cashier asked whether he wanted any samples and he chose the "Age Defender Power Scrum." Never too young to worry about the skin, we guess. It didn't really register with Mr. Purple at the time but the cashier scanned the sample. Yesterday he found out why: Kiehl's sent him a direct email asking him whether he liked the sample and providing an easy-click way to purchase some. Conveniently, that email came on the same day as another email with a 20% off coupon. Now THAT is some impressive targeted marketing: in this tough retail atmosphere, anything that reduces friction for buyers is critical. This would be EVEN MORE impressive if he actually bought some (he didn't).