New Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filing - Petroquest Energy Inc.

Petroquest Energy Inc.

November 6, 2018

Petroquest Energy Inc. ($PQUE), an independent energy company engaged in the exploration, development, acquisition and production of oil and gas reserves in Texas and Louisiana, managed to stave off bankruptcy back during the oil and gas downturn. How? Well, this is how:

Source: First Day Declaration

Source: First Day Declaration

Bankruptcy, however, caught up to it anyway.

The company filed for bankruptcy in the Southern District of Texas with a restructuring support agreement in tow. The terms of the RSA reflect that (i) the prepetition term lenders will be paid in full with an exit facility, (ii) the holders of second lien notes will have an option to participate in the exit facility (which will be fully backstopped by certain consenting creditors), and (iii) the prepetition second lien noteholders will receive 100% equity in the reorganized PetroQuest, a backstop fee in connection with provision of the exit facility, and $80mm of new second lien PIK notes. All of which is to say that the company will meaningfully de-lever its balance sheet. Meanwhile, general unsecured creditors will get $400k and all equityholders will, shockingly, get wiped.

More to come…

  • Jurisdiction: S.D of Texas (Judge Isgur)

  • Capital Structure: $50mm Term Loan, $9.4mm second lien debt, $275mm second lien PIK debt (Wilmington Trust NA)     

  • Company Professionals:

    • Legal: Porter Hedges LLP (John Higgins, Joshua Wolfshohl, M. Shane Johnson)

    • Financial Advisor: FTI Consulting Inc.

    • Investment Banker: Seaport Global Securities

    • Claims Agent: Epiq Corporate Restructuring LLC (*click on company name above for free docket access)

  • Other Parties in Interest:

    • Second Lien Agent: Wilmington Trust NA

      • Legal: Reed Smith LLP (Kurt Gwynne)

New Chapter 22 Filing - Venoco LLC

Venoco LLC

  • 4/17/17 Recap: Denver-based E&P company that FILED FOR BANKRUPTCY LITERALLY 13 MONTHS AGO and emerged 9 months ago filed for bankruptcy again because of "material operational and regulatory setbacks." The prior bankruptcy eliminated nearly $1b of debt and the restructuring was predicated upon various operational objectives. First, the Plains All American Pipleine line 901 going online. Well, that didn't happen. Second, regulatory approval of "the highly anticipated lease line adjustment." Spoiler alert: that didn't happen either. Third, the extension of the lease term by the Beverly Hills Unified School District of an onshore facility beyond its 12/16 expiration date. Any guesses what happened there? Right, nada. And, fourth, an insurer required that the company post an additional $35mm in collateral to support bonds issued by it. You guessed it: the company didn't have the money for that either which, of course, would have effectively terminated operations altogether. Hence, the bankruptcy filing.
  • Jurisdiction: D. of Delaware     
  • Company Professionals:
    • Legal: Bracewell LLP (Robert Burns, Robin Miles, David Riley, Mark Dendinger, Jason Hutt) & (local) Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunnell LLP (Robert Dehney, Andrew Remming, Marcy McLaughlin)
    • Financial Advisor/CRO: Zolfo Cooper LLC (Bret Fernandes)
    • Investment Banker: Seaport Global Securities LLC
    • Claims Agent: Prime Clerk LLC (*click on company name above for free docket access)
    • Board of Directors: Mark DePuy, Gene Davis, Daniel Vogel, Jeffrey Bartlett, Chris Bement, Bill Lockyer
  • Other Parties in Interest:
    • Significant Shareholders: Apollo Investment Corporation, MAST Capital Management LLC, Candlewood Special Situations Master Fund Ltd.
    • Exxon Mobil Corporation
      • Legal: Haynes and Boone LLP (Charles Beckham, Kelli Norfleet) & (local) Farnan LLP (Michael Farnan)

Updated 4/22/17