New Chapter 11 Filing - Agent Provocateur Inc.

Agent Provocateur Inc.

  • 4/11/17 NSFW Recap: After both swiping right, a millennial couple meet in a bar. After 4 or 5 $18 cocktails (experiences!), things get a bit sloshy and the couple agree to go back to one of the participant's apartments. After a short, slobbery and sloppy Lyft ride, the couple stumble through the door and start getting involved. But wait! One stops! In a sultry voice and reminiscent of a 1960s Hollywood romance, she says, "Hold on. I want to put on something special." Something that would NEVER EVER actually happen in real life. Especially with millennials. Hence, bankruptcy. 
  • 4/12/17 Update: So, jokes aside, the UK parent sold with the remainder filing for administration (Rothschild & Co. was the banker and AlixPartners was the administrator). The buyer, Four Marketing Group, is also making a play for some of the American assets which would keep twelve locations open. To effectuate the sale and ward off some angry landlords, the company filed for bankruptcy.
  • Jurisdiction: S.D. of New York 
  • Company Professionals:
    • Legal: Thompson Hine LLP (William Schrag)
    • Financial Advisor: Applied Business Strategy LLC (Dean Vomero)

*Note: we don't normally cover cases this small but, well, we just wanted to have some fun.