😷New Chapter 11 Filing - Center City Healthcare LLC (d/b/a Hahnemann University Hospital)😷

Center City Healthcare LLC

June 30, 2019

We take a break from our regularly scheduled oil and gas distress to bring you some regularly scheduled healthcare distress. That’s right: more healthcare distress. Here, Philadelphia Academic Health System LLC and 12 affiliated debtors — including two major hospitals in Philadelphia, St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children (“STC”) and Hahnemann University Hospital (“HUH”) and related physician practices — have filed for bankruptcy in Pennsyl…strike that…in the District of Delaware.* Gotta love venue!

This bankruptcy case likely marks the end of HUH, an academic medical center that (a) is the primary teaching hospital for Drexel University and (b) has been providing healthcare services since 1848.

According to the debtors, their troubles can be traced back to an August 2017 acquisition — consummated in January 2018 — of the assets (i.e., operating entities, non-debtor entities owning the real estate upon which the hospital operate, and certain receivables) from Tenet Business Services Corporation. The debtors’ primary source of funding for the acquisition was a pre-petition credit facility from Midcap Funding IV Trust.

Immediately after the sale, the debtors realized that they bought a lemon. Per the debtors:

Disputes arose between the Debtors and Tenet with regards to, among other things, the “Net Working Capital Adjustment” provided for under the parties’ Asset Sale Agreement, most notably, for overstated amounts of accounts receivable totaling approximately $21 million. The Debtors also learned that approximately $5 million of amounts received by Tenet at closing in order for it to pay certain accounts payable was never in fact paid. These issues resulted in a significant liquidity shortfall that adversely affected the Debtors’ operations almost immediately after closing of the Acquisition.

The parties are now in litigation with Tenet asserting counterclaims. Gotta hate when that happens. And that’s not the end of it:

Disputes also arose between the parties regarding the financial condition of the Debtors’ businesses, wherein the Debtors asserted that they were led to believe during due diligence process for the Acquisition that the business, as a whole, was essentially breaking even through November 2017 on an EBITDA basis. In fact, the business lost more than $6 million during its first full operational month in February 2018, and continues to experience substantial losses. The Debtors and their affiliates have asserted indemnity and fraud claims against Tenet on these grounds, which Tenet disputes.

Basically this is a hot mess. Coupled with (i) disputes with Drexel, (ii) delays in, and reduction of, payments of supplemental payments from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, (iii) decreased patient volumes in 2018, (iv) increased losses by certain of the physician groups, (v) material declines in outpatient procedures and surgeries; and (vi) reductions in average daily census, partly due to a reduction in average length of stay and reduced direct admissions, HUH encountered a maelstrom of negative operational issues to the tune of a pre-tax 2018 loss of approximately $69mm. STC is profitable; it, however, is dragged down by the rest of the enterprise. All in, the debtors pre-tax losses in 2018 exceeded $85mm and have not abated in 2019. Due to this piss poor financial performance, the debtors defaulted on their MidCap credit facility.

The debtors intend to use the chapter 11 process to pursue an orderly wind down of HUH while, contemporaneously, pursuing a sale of STC and the related physician practices. No stalking horse bidder is currently lined up. The debtors do, however, have a commitment from Midcap for $65mm of DIP financing, of which it appears less than $7mm will be new money.

Now is an occasion for Philly to, once again, show how tough it can be.

*SCH, HUH and their corporate parent, Philadelphia Academic Health System LLC, are all DE LLCs.

  • Jurisdiction: D. of Delaware (Judge Gross)

  • Capital Structure: $38.6mm RCF & $20mm TL (Midcap Funding IV Trust)

  • Professionals:

    • Legal: Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP (Monique Bair DiSabatino, Mark Minuti, Jeffrey Hampton, Adam Isenberg, Aaron Applebaum, Jeremiah Vandermark) & Klehr Harrison Harvey Branzburg LLP

    • Financial Advisor/CRO: EisnerAmper LLP (Allen Wilen)

    • Investment Banker: SSG Advisors LLC

    • Claims Agent: Omni Management Group (*click on the link above for free docket access)

  • Other Parties in Interest:

    • Prepetition & DIP Lender ($65mm): MidCap Funding IV Trust

    • Tenet Business Services Corp.

      • Legal: Kirkland & Ellis LLP (Gregory Pesce) & (local) Pachulski Stang Ziehl & Jones LLP (Laura Davis Jones)