New Filing - Scout Media Holdings Inc.

Scout Media Holdings Inc.

  • 12/8/16 Recap: Digital sports media company files a responsive chapter 11 to an earlier involuntary filing with an unsustainable balance sheet and various litigations listed as the causes. There's some juicy inferences here about the former CEO perhaps not adhering to his fiduciary duties as they relate to uses of liquidity. The filing supports attempts to sell the business and/or wind-down the business in an orderly manner with the support of a $6.2mm DIP Facility.
  • Jurisdiction: D. of Delaware
  • Capital Structure: $11mm first lien debt (Multiplier Capital LP), $11.6mm second lien secured bridge loans.     
  • Company Professionals:
    • Legal: Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice LLP (Matthew Ward, Nicholas Verna, Morgan Patterson, Ericka Johnson)
    • Financial Advisor: Sherwood Partners Inc. (Andrew De Camara)
    • Claims Agent: Epiq Bankruptcy Solutions LLC
  • Other Parties in Interest:
    • DIP & First Lien Lender: Multiplier Capital LP 
      • Legal: Levy Small & Lallas (Leo Plotkin) & Chipman Brown Cicero & Cole (William Chapman Jr.)
    • Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors
      • Legal: Kelley Drye & Warren LLP (James Carr, Jason Adams)
      • Financial Advisor: BDO Consulting LLP (Michelle Michaelis)

Updated 1/21/17.